Real-time multiplayer CINEMATIC FIGHTing

RAGE NIGHT delivers an intense 1 vs 1 combat system allowing two players to challenge, and battle, one another in real time.

Experience the PvP action you love with all the next-level cinematic effects, bone-crushing sound and in-your-face camera movements that you expect. Next-level Streamer interactivity and exciting Spectator incentives
make RAGE NIGHT a one-of-a-kind game to live-stream and watch.


Play against friends and foes, followers and haters on Steam (Windows), iOS and Android.


Choose between accessible casual-play or grind on with a dedicated gaming adventure to create your own experience.

Play ranked or unranked solo bouts against the formidable CPU Character A.V.O.X to raise your power level and earn points for in-game bonuses and purchases.

Invite a friend or challenge another player to battle it out in real-time PVP action for a chance to be RAGE NIGHT Champion! 

Simplified CONTROLS

With an intuitive bleeding-edge control system, RAGE NIGHT has streamlined the PvP combat experience, stripping it down to its core and allowing for the next generation in fast, fun gameplay while retaining the exciting pacing and deadly action of the old school fighters you remember.


Every character is fully customizable, with a ready store of powerful new weapons, exciting skins and expressive emotes instantly available to augment your character’s individual fighting style and full complement of unique special moves.

STREAMER exclusives

Exclusive options allow dedicated Streamers to invite players, create custom bouts, and host their own Tournaments. Be the boss and crown your own RAGE NIGHT Champions as you broadcast personalized, exclusive custom tournaments to your own Twitch Stream live!


Use RAGE NIGHT’s cutting-edge combat system to outmaneuver your opponent and win!


Charge your character’s special moves by attacking your opponent with weapon attacks.

Advanced COMBination MECHANICS

Be a RAGE NIGHT Champion! Fight the odds, and showcase your skill, by unlocking exciting COMBO SEQUENCES by executing 3 moves in a row!

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